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Fighting Illegal Wildlife Trade with Tiger Beer

As few as 3890 tigers remain in the wild. Trading tiger parts is a serious crime throughout the world, but the demand for tiger products continues to fuel poaching and trafficking syndicates.

Tiger Beer is embarking on a six-year global partnership with World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), to support the organisation’s tiger conservation efforts. 

For the first year, the 3890Tigers digital campaign encouraged the public to use the power of art and creativity to increase awareness against illegal tiger trade.

“Tigers are beautiful creatures that symbolise strength, courage and power, and it’s only natural that so much art in human history has been inspired by them. That is why we have chosen art as a way to express this together with our consumers. 3890Tigers brings people and artists together through technology and our goal is to inspire a global movement by empowering a generation of young people to make a stand against illegal tiger trade and make demand for products with tiger parts socially unacceptable” - Mie-Leng Wong, Global Director at Tiger Beer, HEINEKEN Asia Pacific.

Adopt a Tiger


Leveraging the power of art, Tiger Beer has brought together six artists from six different countries to uncage their creativity and create unique pieces of artwork.

The public were invited to turn their selfies into unique artwork using one of the six artist’s styles. Their portrait intertwined tigers to represent how people can live in harmony with these big cats.

The campaign had a successful launch in Singapore with an exhibit to showcase the artists and the partnership. Individuals who came to view the exhibit were invited to upload their selfie and get an exclusive thermochromatic Tiger Beer can. The iconic tiger logo on the can disappears when kept at 2 degrees.

The campaign was a great success with over 31,000 selfies uploaded by Global Tiger Day on the 29th of July!