For Businesses

WWF sees a future in which business makes a net positive contribution to the well-being of the society and the planet.

Achieving changes in business practices is essential to tackle the various environmental issues we are facing and ensure a sustainable use of the planet’s natural resources.

WWF engages in innovative, challenging and solution-oriented partnerships with businesses to drive changes.

Our business partnerships

We want results and impacts from our partnerships.

Accountability to results and transparency to our supporters and our members are key to working in a constructive, cooperative manner with business.

WWF is committed to being transparent about all of our partnerships. In order to do so, we have published a Corporate Partnership Report.

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Ms Marianne Tan
Director, Marketing & Corporate Relations

Donation Box

As a company, you can play a part in our conservation efforts by placing WWF's donation boxes at any of your retail outlets or organisation's premise.

Contact us for more details.