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Corporate Pledge

These organisations have taken the first step towards an environmentally-responsible dining policy by pledging to remove shark fin from corporate functions. We thank them for taking leadership in such a critical issue.
  • Aamor Pte Ltd
  • ASM Front-End Manufacturing Singapore Pte Ltd
  • British High Commission in Singapore
  • Bureau Veritas Singapore
  • Credit Suisse AG (Asia Pacific)
  • Dentsu Mobius Pte. Ltd.
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Ere-S Pte. Ltd.
  • Enterprise Asia Association
  • ESSECAsian Center
  • EV World Pte Ltd
  • Jebsen & Jessen Group of Companies South East Asia
  • Mindshare Singapore 
  • Nucleo Consulting Pte Ltd
  • Re Lifestyle Group Pte Ltd
  • UBS Group
  • SingTel
  • Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre
  • Systems on Silicon Manufacturing Co. Pte. Ltd. (SSMC)
  • Vermont Woods Studio

Join our call to stop serving and eating shark fin at all your corporate functions to set a good example for the Singapore community.

Sharks are harvested worldwide, largely for the shark fin trade centered in Asia. This has caused collapses in many shark populations, and is putting the future of our marine ecosystem and fish stock at risk.

Due to difficulty in identifying shark products that come from threatened species, WWF Singapore is appealing to corporate consumers to stop consuming shark fin until sustainably-produced shark fin and shark products are available in the market.

Take the corporate pledge for 'No Shark Fin Dining Policy'. 
WWF Singapore will acknowledge and list responsible companies and community leaders who have taken the corporate pledge on our website.

We hope this very first step will take you forward to responsible corporate dining policies in the future.  


Take the corporate pledge

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Sustainable crab meat soup is a great alternative to shark fin soup
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What is a 'No Shark Fin Dining Policy'?

This policy is a request to corporate consumers to stop consumption of any unsustainably-produced shark fin products in all corporate dining activities. 
The objective is to rescue shark populations from further decline and maintain healthy marine ecosystems through sustainable consumption.
If your organisation is interested in a Sustainable Seafood dining policy, please contact for more information.