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Every minute, one garbage truck
of plastic enters the ocean.

We are eating, drinking – even breathing plastic.

Plastic pollution in our environment is at crisis levels. This is impacting us in ways we are
only starting to understand.


Support real action on plastics

Straws suck. Our plastic addiction starts from its birth (from fossil fuels), its usage in all aspects of our lives, and a throwaway culture of all things disposable.

We need to stop fragmented actions, stop the blame game and start being smarter about how we are using plastic. The world requires a systemic change by global businesses and governments – one that needs your support. It’s time for real action.

A PACT for Nature.

Let’s make the good stuff happen, starting today.

Businesses are taking real action on plastics by supporting the right solutions with clear targets. This means that they are

1. Reducing unnecessary plastics

2. Committing to source plant-based or recycled plastics

3. Take responsibility for products and packaging until the end of their life cycle.

4. Supporting research and conservation projects

5. Change the way they package and produce


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