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What is PACT?

A business-led Plastic ACTion commitment in Singapore to stop excessive and unnecessary plastic production and ensure existing plastic is effectively recovered and recycled.

PACT addresses the need for comprehensive business and industry action to address the massive production, usage and disposal of plastics – which ultimately ends up in nature

How PACT works

  • Businesses to understand the real solution to addressing their plastic use

  • Businesses to commit to actions in plastic reduction and specified targets as part of PACT

  • Businesses to share our vision of No Plastics In Nature by 2030 and start building a circular economy where waste is turned into valuable resources

Businesses who signed PACT build on three principles that are in line with WWF’s vision of “No Plastics In Nature by 2030”:  

  • Immediate and quantifiable reduction of plastics used

  • Building a circular economy where plastic waste is converted to valuable resource inputs

  • Responsibility of producers for plastic waste beyond the point of sale  


If you want your business and/or favorite businesses to be a part of PACT

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