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The illegal wildlife trade in Southeast Asia is claiming its latest victim: wild Asian elephants in Myanmar. A disturbing new fad for elephant skins has led to elephants across Myanmar – even mothers and their calves – to be killed indiscriminately. There has been a surge in poaching cases in Myanmar, with 20 carcasses discovered within the first few months of the year alone. All were skinned. At current rates, wild Asian elephants in Myanmar could go extinct in a matter of years.

WWF-Singapore Education aims to bring greater knowledge and awareness to our academic community by providing an educational, resource pack available to all educators.

The Elephant Resource Pack contains informative facts, worksheets, and videos that generates interest and engagement from students in pre-schools to secondary schools. This will get updated with further content.

Save Their Skins


Early education plays an important and viable role in generating sustainable habits and awareness in the challenges our natural environment face. Together, we can take action against the poaching of our magnificent, wild Asian elephants.

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