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The WWF National Competition 2017 aims to reward and recognize outstanding journalistic and broadcasting abilities on a current environmental issue.

These issues MUST BE drawn from these recommended themes

  1. Sustainable Cities and Communities 

  2. Responsible Consumption and Production 

  3. Climate Action 


Open to individuals or groups of students (aged 11 - 21 years) participating directly or through their school, college, university or youth group. Deadline: 9 June 2017.

For INDIVIDUAL participants: The participant’s age as on 30 April 2017 determines which age category he/she/they falls under.

For GROUP participants: Submission will be in the age category of the oldest member of the group as on 30 April 2017.


Detailed terms and conditions of the competition can be found in this link. Below is a subset of them. 

1. Submission must be in one of the following media categories -  an article, a video or a photograph.




Submission must not exceed 1000 words in length and may include illustrations and photographs.

Title in the submission should have no more than 20 words (max. 100 characters). A maximum of 3 pictures/illustrations are allowed with captions, each not exceeding 20 words. 

A single photograph must be submitted. It must not be more than 10 MB in size.

The photograph must either tell a story, or if it’s a reflection piece, the caption for it must make sense of what the story is in relation to the photo.

Videos must be in: 
i. Documentary style
ii. Interview style
iii. In the form of a public announcement.
iv. A combination all of the above.

Articles must be sent in .PDF format and must not exceed 4 MB.

The photograph must be submitted in .JPEG or .PNG  format.

The submission must not be longer than 1 minute..

A summary of no more than 1000 characters to explain link to the theme.

A summary (including title) of no more than 1000 characters to explain link to the theme.

The video must be less than 500 MB in size and in .MP4, .MPEG or .WMP format.

A summary (including title) of no more than 1000 characters to explain link to the theme.

2. Submission must be in written English or spoken English, or have English subtitles and captions in the case of a video.

3. Submissions must:

  • Be focused on a real and current environmental issue that is of local or regional importance.

  • Present possible solutions by critically analysing the information gathered and presented based on direct investigation or credible sources

4. Students may submit more than one report but limited to only one submission per media category.

5. Submission must include a one-paragraph summary of how the submission addresses the topic.

6. Prizes for the 3 age groups across the 3 media categories

  • 11 to 14 - Article, Photo, Video - SGD 500 x 3

  • 15 to 18 - Article, Photo, Video - SGD 800 x 3

  • 19 to 21 - Article, Photo, Video - SGD 1000 x 3

Certificates may be awarded to notable submissions.


Deadline for submissions is June 9. Entries for this are now closed. Please check back after July 31 for updates on the next competititon entry date.

Please note that your submission is subject to our data policy and all individuals under the age of 21 have to submit their parent's consent form along with their entry. 

  • Consent form template for individual submissions can be found here.

  • Consent form template for group submissions can be found here.