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In a significant move, H&M will start charging S$0.10 for the use of every plastic or paper shopping bag at all of their 10 stores in Singapore, starting 25 July 2019. This move is part of H&M’s circular packaging strategy which consists of longer term measures to reduce its plastic use. As part of WWF Singapore’s Plastic ACTion (PACT) initiative, H&M has also committed to time-bound goals of eliminating unnecessary packaging, transitioning to reusable materials and ensuring the use of recycled plastic in its packaging by 2025. With this in place, H&M aim to encourage their customers to join them in sustainable actions by bringing their own reusable bags or purchasing them from H&M stores if they do not already own one.  

All proceeds collected from the purchase of plastic or paper shopping bags will be donated to WWF Singapore’s PACT initiative, which is an industry-wide initiative for businesses to reduce plastic and work towards “No Plastic in Nature” by 2030. As the first fashion retailer signatory of the PACT initiative, H&M is proud that the proceeds go towards supporting critical initiatives including: 

  • Innovations to find sustainable alternative materials 

  • Research into impacts and solutions on plastic pollution 

  • Conservation projects to improve waste management and protect marine ecosystems

“To create a more sustainable fashion future, we need to take the lead by tackling some of the most significant challenges that are facing our planet and society. However, great change can only be achieved with collaboration. Through this partnership with WWF Singapore, we want to encourage our customers to reduce waste and consequently find long term sustainable solutions for our ecosystem,” says Fredrik Famm, Country Manager of South East Asia at H&M.

"Excessive plastic use and mismanaged disposal has contributed to a pollution crisis that impacts all of us. H&M's move comes at a crucial time where we need bold action to change how plastics are produced, used and disposed of. A bag charge, proven to be effective in reducing plastic use, is a crucial step that retail businesses can take to stop plastic pollution.” Says Maureen DeRooij, Chief Executive Officer of WWF Singapore.

In an article covered by The Straits Times, the general public’s sentiment is positive and shoppers welcome the move. Read more here.  To learn more about H&M’s sustainability strategy at H&M, visit their site and WWF’s PACT initiative at wwf.sg/pact.



If you're interested in exploring a similar partnership with WWF, contact:

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