Fundraise for WWF!

Thank you for making WWF a beneficiary of your fundraising event! To get a kickstart, email us at with the details below for a Fundraiser Guide to help you plan your fundraising activities.

To facilitate, please send to us the following details:
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  • NRIC or FIN Number
  • Contact Details (Email, Mobile Phone)
  • A short description of your event and how you intend to fundraise for WWF 
  • Date and venue of event

Fundraise for WWF online

Are you joining a marathon, climbing a mountain, celebrating a milestone or a birthday? You can make that event extra meaningful by putting up a challenge and fundraising for WWF. 

To make it convenient, we have partnered with and where you can raise awareness and funds for WWF to help in our conservation and education efforts.

Donations to WWFS Conservation Fund and WWF Singapore

WWF Singapore


The WWF office in Singapore serves to raise public awareness on critical conservation and footprint issues and garner support for local, regional and global initiatives to protect, conserve and create a sustainable planet for generations to come.


Programmes / Initiatives:

WWF-Singapore funds local, regional and global initiatives identified as priorities by WWF internationally. These include the conservation of priority areas such as the Coral Triangle and Heart of Borneo, as well as the protection of endangered species and habitats. Our key conservation outcomes are reduction in the ecological footprint, the development of sustainable livelihoods for local communities; and the protection, restoration and conservation of species, habitats and eco-regions. We focus our efforts on awareness building through public education and campaigning, public advocacy, engagement with the local government and agencies on policy issues and work with corporations on inculcating sustainable business practices and exercising their corporate social responsibility for environmental conservation. 



WWFS Conservation Fund:



The Conservation Fund supports Singapore-based activities, with the objective of promoting interest in and awareness of environmental conservation amongst the local community. Funds raised for the WWFS Conservation Fund are entitled for tax deductible receipts where conditions are met.


Programmes / Initiatives: 

Singapore based initiatives such as public campaigns (Earth Hour and Sustainable Seafood) and school based education programmes.