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Do more with less this Christmas

What are you wishing for this Christmas? A stylish new wardrobe, a gleaming new electronic toy or an exotic holiday?

Before you decide on your wish, let us tell you how much each of them costs:

  • 1 cotton shirt costs 20,000 litres of water to produce
  • 1 laptop results in the loss of 3 square feet of rainforest
  • Aviation accounts for 4 – 9 percent of the climate change impact we are seeing today
  • 1 kilogramme of rice requires 1,300 litres of water to produce
  • More than 13,000 gallons of water were used to make aluminium for electronic gadgets
In fact, we are using up everything at about 1.5 times too fast than what the Earth can handle. So, this season, why not adopt new habits to give our planet a new lease of life?

Celebration can happen at a low cost to us and our environment, and here’s how:

  • Plan your party menu and buy only sustainable produce, so you know you’re eating food that’s good for you and the planet
  • Use public transport wherever possible to reduce your emissions
  • Avoid buying any souvenirs that resemble animal parts, so that you don’t support illegal wildlife trade inadvertently
  • Recycle your old gadgets with collection programmes located around the island. Details of these programmes and where they are located can be found here.
  • Switch off lights and appliances after your party to avoid using standby energy and adding on to your bills
  • Wrap your Christmas gifts using paper recycled from old newspapers and magazines instead. Watch this video for more ideas!
Read more eco-tips here.

Have a wonderfully green Christmas this season and celebrate sustainably!

Download rewrap gift tags

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Rewrap Project by WWF

Present your Christmas gifts the eco-friendly way! Have your gifts wrapped in used newspapers instead of new wrapping papers. Decorate them with WWF stickers and gift tags to further spread the message.
The FREE rewrap services will be at the following locations:

J Cube – 18 Nov to 1 Dec
IMM – 2 to 8 Dec, 6 to 20 Dec
NEX – 9 to 15 Dec