Position title: Assistant Vice President, Asia Sustainable Finance

Reports to: Senior Vice President, Asia Sustainable Finance

Location: Singapore

I. Mission of the Asia Sustainable Finance Team:

WWF has identified the finance sector as a key driver of global economic activity with which we
must engage to successfully deliver on our long-term conservation mission. To do this, we work with
key finance sector players including banks, investors, regulators, and stock exchanges, across six
focus areas:

  1. Regulations and Guidelines: We provide recommendations and facilitate dialogue
    between regulatory authorities and financial institutions (FIs) to issue harmonized
    regulations and guidelines that raise the bar for sustainable finance at the national
    and regional level.
  2. Standards: We help FIs understand what makes certain standards and certification
    schemes credible to help them ensure that their due diligence and verification
    processes assure robust sustainability practices.
  3. Capacity Building: We empower FIs through capacity building on environmental,
    social and governance (ESG) issues through industry-wide workshops and bilateral
    training sessions. Our trainings cover a range of sectors and thematic focus areas
    and help FIs to better assess and price risk, value companies, and develop new
  4. Research & Tools: We conduct research, develop best practice guides, and
    benchmark FIs’ progress on ESG integration to ensure timely progress towards a
    resilient and sustainable financial system. We also help FIs to understand and
    implement cutting-edge tools so they can better understand, measure, and
    manage evolving ESG risks and opportunities.
  5. Engagement: We help investors exert their influence and facilitate large scale,
    meaningful change by providing research and analysis that supports their
    engagement with portfolio companies over key ESG issues.
  6. Green Financial Solutions: We work with FIs to support the development of
    innovative green financial solutions based on science-based criteria that create
    measurable environmental and social impacts alongside competitive financial
    In Asia, we work across seven (7) ASEAN countries – Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines,
    Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam – as well as in Japan and South Korea. We focus on sustainability
    issues related to soft commodities finance (e.g. agriculture, forestry, and seafood), in addition to
    cross-cutting issues such as climate and energy, and water.

II. Major Duties and Responsibilities:

The AVP will contribute to the general work of the team work under the direction of senior team
members across the following areas:
Stakeholder engagement and relationship management

Influence and foster the development of the finance sector’s strategies, policies and/or regulations on sustainable finance

Work with key banks, investors, and industry associations to develop responsible lending and investing strategies, policies, ESG risk assessment tools, and appropriate monitoring and reporting frameworks (e.g. ISEAL certifications, climate risk assessment and alignment, geospatial tools, natural capital impact reporting, etc.)

Work with regulators and policymakers to develop guidelines and regulations on sustainable finance that are harmonized across the region and consistent with international best practice and standards (e.g. EU Sustainable Finance Action Plan, TCFD, NGFS, etc.)

ESG research and tools

Conduct research on topics including ESG trends, analysis of financial institutions’ performance on ESG integration/risk management and corporate sustainability disclosure and performance

Contribute to the development of reports and tools to support capacity building, policy development and investor collective engagement


Manage the communication of research findings and WWF positions to finance sector stakeholders through multiple channels, e.g. press releases for mainstream/trade media, op-eds/blogs, interviews, social media, etc.

Manage communications with other WWF national offices and other relevant internal stakeholders to identify and address potential conflicts in objectives and interests

Training and capacity building

Develop and leverage technical expertise to support the organization and content development for capacity building workshops, webinars and other events targeted at finance sector stakeholders on sustainable finance and ESG issues/trends

Work with WWF commodity, climate and water experts to distill insights and knowledge into guidance and recommendations for the finance sector

Build capacity of wider WWF network on sustainable finance and ensure understanding of its contribution to their respective interests and priorities

Developing green and blue financial solutions

Conduct research on emerging green and blue financial solutions to support the development and structuring of innovative financial solutions to mobilize additional capital to protect and restore nature and communities

Support collaborations with financial institutions to pilot, implement and measure the impacts of green financial solutions

Fund raising, budgeting, and reporting

IV. Profile:

Required Qualifications

Required Skills and Competencies

Must be able to travel internationally (approx. 15%)

V. Working Relationships:

Internal – Relevant departments within the WWF network

External –Financial institutions, regulators, stock exchanges, responsible finance platforms and


How to apply
Interested candidates should email a CV and a cover letter to HR Department (Email: hr@wwf.sg).
Closing date for applications is 25 January, 2022. Applications without a cover letter will not be