WWF-Singapore (World Wide Fund for Nature Singapore) recently announced the launch of the 2022 edition of #WeGotThis, a global youth sustainability incubator programme presented in conjunction with Temasek Foundation. This follows the successful completion of the inaugural edition culminating in today’s Graduation Ceremony for the Class of 2021.

The latest IPCC report is clear about the urgency of action when it comes to avoiding the ravages of climate breakdown; we are fast running out of time to implement the solutions to limit global warming. With 1.8 billion people (aged 10-24) being the largest generation of youth in history, it is important to inspire and engage them. We must take collective climate action in creating a nature-positive future together.

Recognising the power of youth in driving meaningful progress, WWF-Singapore and Temasek Foundation are working with like-minded partners to create a youth-led community movement to empower younger generations in Singapore and Southeast Asia to take the lead in their own sustainable future, through social media advocacy. Through #WeGotThis, youths are equipped with skills, knowledge, and tools on sustainability, innovation and digital advocacy so they can build up a sustainability following, reach out to peers and the larger community, and drive change via their own social media platforms. This year’s themes are to tackle climate change, and food wastage and to promote a circular economy.

“Our young people have shown unprecedented mobilisation around the world and are scaling up their efforts and using their skills to accelerate climate action. They will be the most affected by climate change, and we have a job to do to empower their efforts and make their voices heard. At WWF-Singapore, we are committed to working with youth to make a difference through campaigning for an environmental cause of their choice. We Got This, backed by the Temasek Foundation, allows us to reach a wide section of youth up to the age of 30 to create a movement for the planet,” said WWF-Singapore’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr R. Raghunathan.

Mr Lim Hock Chuan, Head, Programmes, Temasek Foundation, said: “At Temasek Foundation, we recognise the creativity, dynamism and optimism of youths. These are important ingredients that will help to reveal fresh approaches to help us build a better and more sustainable world. With #WeGotThis, we hope to build a movement of young leaders who will champion various sustainability goals and inspire other youths to take personal action to promote sustainability as part of their lifestyles.”

Existing and aspiring youth eco-advocates, influencers, innovators, and entrepreneurs between 18 to 30 years old are invited to participate. They will have access to three masterclasses in May 2022, covering topics like conscious living or digital advocacy. After the masterclasses, to better prepare them to launch their own mini online campaigns, selected participants will be invited to attend an incubator programme in July 2022 comprising a five-day boot camp and access to a mentorship programme helmed by industry experts such as Vikas Garg, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, aBillion, Amanda Lim, Head of Strategic Partnerships and Growth at MeshMinds, and more. All sessions will be held virtually.


Using the skills, knowledge and tools acquired through the programme, 89 youths from the Class of 2021 formed 42 teams who designed and executed strategic online campaigns to engage in public outreach and contributed to a youth-led movement on sustainability. They were selected from over 400 youths from around the world, including Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, Kenya, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, and Thailand. Sharing their passion are Mr Louis Chan and Ms Yeo Pei Shan who were two participants from the Class of 2021 from Singapore.

Louis Chan – Sustainable Finance Simplified

Mr Louis Chan is a Year 4 Pharmacy undergraduate from the National University of Singapore. His passion for sustainability started through an internship with Deloitte and hasn’t stopped since then. Through his initiative ‘Sustainable Finance Simplified’, Mr Chan aims to encourage more youths to look at companies’ sustainability profiles before investing.

“My goal is to create awareness about sustainable finance and companies’ sustainability efforts. Through simple articles posted online covering green financing, impact investing, and green-washing, I want to elevate the knowledge of the youth and explore partnerships with start-ups or SMEs to guide them when it comes to sustainability,” said Mr Chan.

Yeo Pei Shan – King Food Warrior

Ms Yeo Pei Shan is the former co-founder of UglyFood, a food waste reduction social enterprise. Ms Yeo has now started a new initiative called ‘Food Warrior’ to empower youths to explore opportunities in the food sustainability space. The campaign aims to address food waste, sustainable food sources, and limit single-use items and consumerism.

“I zoom into food waste because eating is something we do daily, and food production plays a huge part in climate change. At the same time, I see value in food sustainability as it also brings health benefits to people keeping them healthy and free from terminal or diet-related diseases. I decided to take more action when I started volunteering at Ground-Up Initiative and was deeply inspired by the late Mr Tay Lai Hock, particularly by his conviction and determination.” said Ms Yeo.

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