School Talk FAQ

What is WWF Talks?

WWF Talks series focuses on four topics: forest conservation, marine conservation, climate change and wildlife. The topics are delivered as assembly talks or as a class talk for a minimum of 50 students. The talk will include information about Panda Junior Junior and WWF Workshops. Some talks are supported by exhibition panels and/or printable learning resources.

Who is it suitable for?

This programme is suitable for a range of age groups from preschool to the workplace. Please write to us at if you need more information.

Do you offer the talks to companies, organisations and other groups?

We offer a modified version to organisations and community groups. Please write to us at if you need more information.

Fundraise for WWF

Besides helping to defray the costs for the programme, which is offered free to schools, fundraising for WWF is also a good opportunity for the students to bring about change through awareness campaigns and cause-related fundraising. These actions can easily fit into the school's existing Integrated Project Work (IPW), Character and Citizenship Education (CCE), Values in Action (VIA), and Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) projects. This creates opportunity for students to pick up new knowledge and awareness from the talks and get creative with plans to spread that awareness and measure their impact through their fundraising efforts.


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Planet Defenders at St Nicholas' Girls School
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Request Forms

If you want the programme to roll round your school, register your interest through the following forms:  For other enquiries, email us