Eco-Schools Awards

Applying for an Award

If your school is successfully implementing the seven steps of the WWF Eco-Schools process, you should consider applying for an Eco-Schools award to recognise, chart and celebrate student initiatives in your school.

The Awards

There are three levels of awards (in ascending order): the bronze and silver certificates and the most prestigious Eco-School International Green Flag. Each award is defined by a set of criteria that help you decide whether your school has achieved the required standard. If you feel that your school has met the required criteria for a particular award, then you should seriously consider applying for that award.

In your quest for the International Green Flag, you do not need to go through the bronze and silver levels. However, these awards help schools chart the progress of the school's environmental initiatives. If you think that your school has achieved Green Flag standard, you should apply for that level directly. When you apply for Green Flag, the evaluators are not after environmental perfection. The most important element in the Eco-School programme is its emphasis on continuous school improvement and culture of environmental awareness, that upholds student initiated process rather than the end products.

The Award Criteria will be made available to registered WWF Eco-Schools.

Process of applying

  • Register your school with WWF-Singapore under the Eco-school programme. It is a simple process, and WWF education team is happy to guide you.
  • The most essential pre-requisite for your application is that your school has been using the Eco-Schools seven-step process in the environmental initiatives. (Note: The detailed award criteria will be provided to registered Eco-Schools)
  • Fill in the Award Application Form (which will be made available to registered schools) and send it to WWF-Singapore.
Schools may apply for the award, during specific periods as announced by WWF-Singapore.

Evaluation of application

The Bronze and the Silver Award are usually granted (in the form of a certificate) after the school’s application report is assessed by an evaluators assigned by WWF-Singapore. For the Green Flag, the assigned evaluators will assess based on both the report submitted, and findings from a school visit. Most of the information needed to decide whether your school can been awarded the Green Flag required should already be provided in your submission. The aim of the evaluator’s visit is to provide an opportunity to discuss various aspects of the report with members of the Eco-Schools Committee, and other members of the school. After the visit, the evaluators report back to WWF-Singapore, where a final evaluation will be made to decide the possibility of awarding an International Green Flag to the school.

Keeping the Green Flag

Once awarded, the school can display the Green Flag, a prestigious internationally recognized and respected eco-label of school performance, in its foyer, hall, or on a flagpole. The school will also be awarded a certificate and the permission to jointly use the official WWF logo and the Green Flag on its letterhead and other school material.

The Green Flag award remains valid for two years after which you need to reapply to renew your award. When reapplying you need to review the award criteria once again and explain (in your report) how previous achievements were sustained and new improvements made. The emphasis is on continuous school improvement and culture of environmental awareness, that upholds student initiated process rather than the end products.

Projected time-frame

Typically, a school year is usually employed for the implementation of the environmental review, drawing up the action plan and trying out some activities in the plan. Another year is usually spent in achieving the targets set out in the action plan and evaluating the success of the plan. The third year is used to review the previous action plan and formulate a new action plan for continuous improvement. Schools are therefore expected to take a minimum of three years before they can apply for the International Green Flag for the first time. The eco-committee accordingly decides when they are ready to apply for an award. As the Green Flag evaluates the student initiated green intiatives and culture within the school environment, the award assessment includes a site visit by assessors.

WWF Eco-Schools Teacher Awards 
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WWF Eco-Schools Teacher Awards
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