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Schools for Climate Action

There is no country in the world that is not experiencing first-hand, the drastic impacts of climate change. 

Extreme weather events are no longer a prediction, they are real and they are happening today. It is possible to limit the increase in global temperatures, but this requires collective action.

WWF's Schools for Climate Action programme empowers students and teachers to make conscious choices, to change daily habits, and inspire their communities to do the same. Children and young adults will develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes to solve the global environmental challenges.

In support of Singapore’s climate action commitment, we target to work with all WWF Eco-Schools to collectively reduce their carbon footprint by 36%, by the year 2020.

Working together, we can change climate change – starting now.

Step 1: WWF's Carbon Footprint Calculator Workshop

Venue: Workshops will be held at the respective schools
Duration: 2.5 hours
Group size: 20 - 40 students
Age group: 10 - 17 years old (Primary 4 to Secondary 5)

Step 2: Calculate the school's carbon footprint.

Step 3: WWF's Climate Action Workshop

Held with the same group of students and teachers, the Climate Action Workshop is a follow up from the Carbon Footprint Calculator Workshop.
Duration: 2 hours

Step 4: Students and teachers to implement climate action in schools. 

Step 5: Using the data acquired, apply for the WWF Eco-Schools Award. 


Get it to your school!

This is an exclusive programme for the WWF Eco-Schools.

To be an Eco-School: Fill in this form and send it to us at

If you are already an Eco-School, register for the programme here:

Schools for Climate Action Registration Form.