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Position title: Chief Executive Officer, WWF Singapore

Reports to: Board of Directors of WWF Singapore

Supervises: All personnel reporting to WWF Singapore

Location: Singapore

Application closes: 31 March 2020


About World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Singapore

WWF Singapore (WWF-SG) is a member of the WWF global network.

Through our awareness campaigns and outreach activities, we aim to educate Singaporeans on critical biodiversity and environmental threats globally, and how a simple action can add up to make a big difference to the health of our planet and safeguard the world’s biodiversity.

We work with government agencies and NGOs in Singapore and the region to support and enhance their nature conservation and environmental sustainability initiatives. We also engage the Singapore government as a dialogue partner in its consultation with civil society on such issues.

We help businesses, both local and across the Asia-Pacific region, to identify sustainable business practices that can reduce their ecological footprint.

WWF-SG raises funds to support local outreach and education programmes. We also work with sister organizations within the WWF network to contribute to WWF’s global conservation goals on 6 target areas: food sources, forests, oceans, water, wildlife and climate and energy.


The Mission

Strategy & policy implementation

Works in consultation with the Board of Directors in the strategic planning process in line with its vision.

Leads and develops WWF-SG so that it can make a more impactful contribution to WWF’s global agenda and to biodiversity conservation and environmental sustainability in Singapore.


Organizational responsibility

Overseas, supports, mentors and motivates the senior management team and subordinate staff so that all 155 employees can improve WWF-SG’s achievement as a high-performance office where employees can feel enabled and empowered to achieve the following:

  • Implement projects and programmes imaginatively, effectively and efficiently.

  • Fulfil compliance needs of all regulatory and governance frameworks.

  • Uphold the highest ethical standards.

Manages the operations and relevant supporting activities for the smooth functioning of the Singapore-based Asia Pacific hub for WWF International.


Representation & spokesmanship

Serves as the main “face and voice” of WWF-SG in its engagement with the government, private sector, other NGOs, the media and the WWF global network.


Major Duties & Responsibilities

Institutional development & capacity building

  • Develops, implements, updates high-quality strategies & plans in line with objectives set by the WWF-SG Board of Directors and by WWF International.

  • Strengthens brand recognition of WWF in Singapore and raises the organisation’s profile across all stakeholders so that, working together, we advance our shared conservation and sustainability agenda.

  • Grooms a high-performance management team and build a more driven, enabled and empowered workforce.


Driving performance & achieving impact

  • Delivers results from a modern and dynamic conservation programme through both field and policy work, supported by communications, outreach and policy advocacy activities.

  • Promotes effective networking, engagement, communication and collaboration with corporate partners in Singapore to focus their attention on sustainability issues.


Oversight, accountability and governance compliance

  • Exercises leadership over all management and operational activities, including conservation, communications, finance, fundraising, HR and IT.

  • Ensures fulfilment of all compliance needs required by the Singapore authorities.

  • Enforces in-house rules and procedures, and rules and guidelines stipulated by WWF International.

  • Ensures effective day-to-day administration support and oversight for WWF International Staff hosted by WWF-SG.



  • Spearheads the development, implementation and monitoring of fundraising initiatives among individual and corporate donors, including driving the further adoption of mobile and internet technologies for fund-raising purposes.

  • Ensures that WWF–SG is financially self-sustaining able to support all its work in Singapore and projects in neighbouring countries.


Working Relationships


  • Monitors work plans and reports outcomes periodically to the Board of Directors and provides feedback to staff.

  • Respects the vision, guidance and decisions of the Board of Directors.

  • Interacts regularly with WWF-SG local staff and those hosted by WWF-SG.


  • Engages donors and interlocutors in government agencies, non-governmental organisations, academic institutions, the media and the private sector.

  • Engages and collaborates with WWF offices of the Asia-Pacific region.

  • Updates and communicates proactively with Singapore audiences, and the WWF network, as well as relevant partners.



Required mindset

  • Strong interest in nature conservation and sustainable development, coupled with a belief in the WWF Mission.

  • Entrepreneurship thriving on taking up new challenges and seizing or creating new opportunities with imaginative and yet practical solutions.

  • Personal drive and dynamism.

  • Open-mindedness & receptiveness to new ideas.

  • High standards of integrity.

  • Sensitive and sympathetic personality.

Required skillset

  • Minimum 10 years of senior management experience and a proven track record of success.

  • Demonstrated capacity to administer a fast-paced and complex organization in a multi-cultural international setting.

  • Strong leadership qualities, including strategic vision, sound judgement, EQ and the ability to inspire.

  • Superior interpersonal and organizational skills with abilities to influence, persuade and interface effectively with donors and leaders in the corporate, political and public service hierarchies and other stakeholders.

  • Ability to set strategic direction and priorities, and deliver the required outcomes.

  • Demonstrated innovativeness and learning agility.

  • Demonstrated ability to manage conflict openly and constructively, and negotiate complex solutions.

  • Proven track record of building and managing cohesive teams with high Employee Engagement Scores.  

  • Demonstrated ability to listen deeply and grow an in-house culture of collaboration and mutual respect.

Desirable skillset

  • Experience of environmental and conservation work.

  • Experience of working with non-government organizations, knowledge of governance and regulatory compliance in Singapore, and demonstrated ability to support the governance responsibilities of NGO Board of Directors.

  • Proven track record in fundraising, fiscal and human resource management, and building relationships with the media.

  • A sharp eye for detail without losing a helicopter vision for broad directions of the organization.

  • Demonstrated negotiating skills and ability to maximize synergies and develop compromises and trade-offs.

How to apply?

Interested candidates should email a CV and a cover letter to HR Department (Email: . Please indicate the position being applied for in the subject line.