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Whistle Blower Policy

The whistle blower policy provides a mechanism for the reporting of illegal activity or the misuse of WWF assets while protecting the employees / vendors / suppliers / other third party who make such reports from retaliation.

Questionable Conduct
This policy is designed to address situations in which an employee / vendor / supplier / other third party suspects an employee has engaged in illegal acts or questionable conduct involving WWF assets. This conduct might include outright theft (of equipment or cash), fraudulent expense reports, mis-statements of any accounts to any manager or to WWF auditors, or even an employee's conflict of interest that results in financial harm to WWF but also extends to acts of corruption. WWF encourages staff / vendors / suppliers / other third party to report such questionable conduct and has established a system that allows them to do so anonymously if necessary.

Making a Report
If an employee / vendor / supplier / other third party suspects illegal conduct or conduct involving misuse of WWF assets or in violation of the law, he or she may report it, anonymously if they wish, and will be protected against any form of harassment, intimidation, discrimination or retaliation for making such a report in good faith.

Employees / vendors / suppliers / other third party can make a report to any of the following persons at WWF Singapore at any time: WWF Singapore Independent Board of Director, Chief Executive Officer, CFO or the Human Resource & Admin Manager. Reports can be made by telephone or in writing. WWF will promptly conduct an investigation into matters reported, keeping the informant's identity as confidential as possible, consistent with our obligation to conduct a full and fair investigation.

Alternatively, employees / vendors / suppliers / other third party can make a report by calling an independent “whistle blower” phone line that will be answered by an outside company or via email to the WWFS Singapore whistleblower email account. The information provided will be forwarded promptly to WWF for investigation. Callers to the whistle blower hotline may remain anonymous if they wish. The whistle blower phone line and access requirements are set out at the end of this policy, which is also on the WWF Intranet site.

All reports received either directly or via the Whistle-blowing hotline will be passed to the WWF Singapore Independent Board of Director and the WWF International Audit Committee, of which both are independent of WWF Singapore and WWF International management.

Goh Hwee Cheng – Independent Board of Director 
Email: wwfgo@ghc-co.com.sg

Otto Asselbergs – Head of Human Resources, Administration & Facilities Management
Direct Line: 6730 8100

Alternative Special Phone Line: 800 4411 140 (Singapore free phone line)