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School Talk

The exhibition panels at Central Public Library
The WWF School Talks challenge students to take action to with WWF by adopting sustainable lifestyle practices. We offer School Talks on 5 topics: Forest Conservation, Marine Conservation, Climate Change, Wildlife Conservation, and Haze - We Breathe What We Buy. All material are adapted to suit Preschool, Primary and Secondary students.

For the Forest Conservation and Marine Conservation topics, we provide mobile exhibition panels for loan, along with the school talk.

The Climate Change has an introductory school talk supported and extended by an interactive learning trail powered by augmented reality. This is a fantastic way to engage the entire school community on the topic. Participating schools can download an app and print out images that serve as trail markers around the school. Students are to scan the images with a smart device to reveal missions that will help them learn about the carbon footprint of a school in a fun way. 

The Haze - We Breathe What We Buy school talk is supported by posters and hands-on games for continued learning on the topic.

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