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The formation of the Southeast Asia Alliance on Sustainable Palm Oil (SASPO) was prompted by the public outcry over 2015’s prolonged haze pollution. Through the We Breathe What We Buy campaign, which reached over 20 million people globally, WWF-Singapore was able to raise awareness of the link between the slash and burn practices used in in the production of palm oil and haze pollution, and enlist public support for a switch to sustainable palm oil.

Following the success of our consumer-led haze campaign and the 1st Singapore Sustainable Palm Oil Dialogue in March 2016, WWF-Singapore and a group of founding members have come together to form SASPO.


Certified Sustainable palm oil (CSPO) is produced in a way that has minimum impact on the environment and does not destroy natural forest habitat. CSPO is not responsible for haze pollution because slash and burn clearance methods, which lead to uncontrollable forest fires, are not used in its production.

The vision of the Alliance is to make CSPO the norm to stop the haze as well as deforestation and habitat loss in the region. It aims to provide a platform for companies to come on a sustainable journey towards producing, trading and using certified sustainable palm oil.


SASPO is supported by five founding members, who together produce some of the most popular everyday brands used by Singaporeans. The five founding members are Unilever, Danone, Ayam Brand, IKEA and Wildlife Reserves Singapore.

WWF-Singapore first engaged the founding members with the idea of the alliance and will remain on the steering committee to support and guide members as the alliance grows. 


For more information on SASPO, please contact the WWF-Singapore Palm Oil Team.

Maggie Lee,

Tel: +65 6730 8100